About Nefal

Nefal is a pioneer company in the market of air conditioning contracting in the kingdom, whereas, it was established in (1993/1413) at a steady pace to keep up with the ongoing and rapid urban development that our beloved kingdom is undergoing.
The name Nefal is conformable to quality and commitment towards customers, whereas, the projects implemented by Nefal are known for their high quality, thoroughness, punctuality, credibility and the after-sales services that guarantees .the quality of its executed works, besidesthe agent’s guarantee and the quick responses to maintenance services. All that is the reason behind the trust of our dear clients in us 
نفال خيراء التكييف


The Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems Besides Manufacturing and Designing Air Ducts According to International Standards.


To be the first and the pioneer company in the gulf through directing and unifying the maximum of the capabilities of our employees and with our experience for over than 20 years in the field. As well as to keeping up to date with all the developments in the air conditioning field to put it in the hands of our dear customers.

"Our Valuable"

Commitment to apply quality standards and technical specifications.
Provide prices based on the value and the actual need without additional expenses for customers.
Credibility in dealing with customers and respecting their time.
Our actions are the focus of our attention.

Ceo Word


Based on Nefal’s recognition of its role in developing its experience, it has attracted the top expertise and technical competencies and relied on the latest up to date technologies and equipment. It also uses the computers, programs and international systems that are used in the field of air conditioning, including (ASHRAE - SMACNA).